TSBC Exam Requirement Update

Attention: Potential Refrigeration Operators
                      Chief Operating Engineers
                      HR Departments


In the past, there have been challenges for those working towards the Ice Facility Operator (IFO) and Refrigeration Operator (RO) due to the need for more opportunities to gain the experience (required firing time) needed. The certification is necessary to obtain employment, but experience is required to achieve the certification. To gain employment, both the certificate and experience are mandatory.

RFABC has been corresponding with Technical Safety BC to find a solution to this barrier. Technical Safety BC acknowledged the struggle and has remedied the situation:

Applicants can now book and complete their Technical Safety BC exam after providing evidence that they have successfully completed an approved training program (RFABC IFO & RO). This proof will allow applicants to enter and work within a plant room to obtain the required experience for their certificate of qualification. Once the required experience has been obtained, the applicant can submit an Experience Form 1026 to finalize the certificate of qualification issuance process.

If you have any questions or need further clarification on all the steps to become certified, please review the Technical Safety BC Web pages below

RFABC wants to thank Technical Safety BC for hearing the concerns and finding a solution in a timely manner. Both organizations share the importance of safety in the recreation industry.

For a list of all current RFABC IFO and RO courses, please click here .