Host a Training Course

Empower your team with in-house training!

Don’t let high training costs slow your organization’s growth. At RFABC, we believe in practical, budget-friendly solutions that bring valuable learning right to your community. By hosting an RFABC course, you can maximize your training budget and empower your team with high-quality, real-world education.

Facility requirements to host an RFABC Course:

  • A room large enough to accommodate 15-20 students
  • A projector or SMART TV
  • A whiteboard or flipchart with markers
  • Ability to set up the classroom before the course begins
  • Coffee, water, and/or snacks are encouraged, but optional

As a thank you for hosting, you’ll receive one free registration to the course!

Apply now to host an RFABC course and provide your team with the quality education they deserve, right in your own community. RFABC Course Host Application

Please Note: The registration system uses your email address to identify you as a member or non-member and assign the correct fee. After transferring to the CVent registration portal, click the registration button to start the process.