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If you are in the arena or refrigeration industry, RFABC offers the following training courses to further your skills and career.

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This 40 hour course – 5 consecutive-8 hour days – prepares students to write the Technical Safety BC (TSBC) provincial IFO exam. Course content includes basic applied mathematics, safety, codes and regulations, basic refrigeration thermodynamics and system components, floor systems, coolants, electrical systems, heat reclaim and humidity control and general maintenance procedures.

The pre-requisite for the TSBC Provincial IFO Exam are; 40 hours of training through completion of the IFO Theory course and exam plus, 30 days’ work experience including completion of the practicum Log Book. TSBC requires approximately 30 days’ notice to book an exam. For more information on making application to write the provincial IFO exam, visit the Technical Safety BC web site or call toll free 1-866-566-7233.

Course participants will receive a Casio fx 260 solar calculator for the course. Students interested in pursuing their TSBC Refrigeration Operator RO provincial certification, may use their IFO classroom time as the first of three weeks classroom time required by the TSBC to qualify to write the provincial RO exam.

Upcoming Courses

May 1-5, 2023
Trail, BC
May 29-Jun. 2, 2023
Dawson Creek, BC

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This course is ideal for the front-line arena operator who is looking for an opportunity to upgrade their skills in basic arena operations. Both experienced and new operators are encouraged to register. This course would also be suitable for supervisors, managers and other recreation staff members wishing to increase their knowledge and awareness about ice arena operations.

Course Goals and Outcomes:

  • A basic understanding of theory and practical applications of ice installations.
  • A basic understanding of ice theory, operations, maintenance and quality control.
  • A basic understanding of the importance of a preventative maintenance program.
  • A basic understanding of arena hockey dasher boards systems, construction, and maintenance.

The ice making portion consists of instruction and practical, hands-on sessions in the making, marking, painting and maintenance of artificial ice surfaces. Participants will require warm work clothing for the on-ice sessions.

Upcoming Courses

Jun. 29-30, 2023
Kelowna, BC
Aug. 26-27, 2023
Vernon, BC

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Approved by Technical Safety BC TSBC, this course prepares students to qualify to write the provincial Refrigeration Operator RO examination. Topics for instruction conform to the BCSA and Standardization of Power Engineers Exam and Certification SOPEEC Syllabus including The Act, Regulations and Codes, Safety, Refrigeration Systems Administration, Refrigeration Fundamentals, Compressors, Controls and Instrumentation, Condensers and Cooling Towers, Evaporators and Cooling Coils, Operation, and Maintenance, Electrical, Air Conditioning, Mathematics and Science and Practical Experience.

The course runs for two consecutive weeks Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm daily in a classroom setting. Students are required to complete pre-reading prior to the scheduled class time. Registration fee includes course texts and student study manuals. Pan Global Course texts are shipped upon receipt of registration fees (two weeks prior to the start date). For more information on the TSBC provincial RO exam, visit

Prerequisite – completion of the IFO course as the first of three weeks required class room time to qualify to write the provincial exam.

Upcoming Courses

Jul. 10-21, 2023
New Westminster, BC

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This 8-hour classroom course, prepares students to write the Technical Safety BC provincial Refrigeration Safety Awareness RSA exam. The course is suited for personnel working in any regulated refrigeration facility but whose job duties do not include operation and or repair of the refrigeration plant or for IFO or RO certificate holders seeking a refresher course on plant safety. Course content comprises four sections

SECTION 1 BC Refrigeration Safety Legislation including: safety regulations, CSA refrigeration code, RSA certificate holder responsibilities, log book use, accident reporting and safety committee.

SECTION 2-REFRIGERATION SYSTEMS: Basic refrigeration system components, refrigerants and lubricant use and monitoring, safety valves and operating and safety controls.

SECTION 3-SAFETY EQUIPMENT: accident types and prevention, fire classification and prevention and, emergency breathing apparatus.

SECTION 4-GENERAL SAFETY: safety alarms and shut down devices, emergency shutdown, evacuation procedures and safe work practices. For more information on making application to write the provincial RSA exam, visit the Technical Safety BC Website or call toll free 1-866-566-7233.

Upcoming Courses

Apr. 15, 2023
Merritt, BC
Apr. 18, 2023
Surrey, BC

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