Community Development Module (Offered in 2026)

Community Development Module 

Introducing the Community Development Module, your ultimate guide to creating thriving communities! Join us in exploring the vital role of parks, recreation, and culture agencies in shaping vibrant neighbourhoods. Our interactive sessions will empower you with the knowledge and tools to navigate societal and organizational trends seamlessly. Discover the art of program management, adapting to change, and implementing best practices.


Park, recreation, culture, and community development personnel.

Course Goals

To receive timely information and modern tools to enhance personal and professional growth and, in turn, the respective community and/or agency. Part of a 3 year program to be a successful graduate of the Leisure Development Course.

Course Topics

  • Community Programming & Unique Events
  • Outcome Based Management
  • Marketing Your Organization
  • Developing & Using Motivational Skills
Breakdown of Topics
NOTE: You do NOT have to take the modules in any particular order. You can take this module in your first, second, or third year!