Personal Development Module (Offered in 2025)

Personal Development Module

Unlock your full potential with the Personal Development Module! Explicitly designed for recreation and leisure professionals, this powerful tool is your key to becoming more effective in all aspects of your work. Gain invaluable insights into interpersonal communication, problem-solving, leadership, and education for leisure. Elevate your personal success and professional development while enhancing the effectiveness of your organization.


Park, recreation, culture, and community development personnel.

Course Goals:

To receive timely information and modern tools to enhance personal and professional growth and, in turn, the respective community and/or agency. Part of a 3 year program to be a successful graduate of the Leisure Development Course.

Featured Sessions

  • Developing Personal Leadership
  • Group Dynamics
  • Agency & Community Communications
  • Educating for Leisure
NOTE: You do NOT have to take the modules in any particular order. You can take this module in your first, second, or third year!

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