Facility Development Module (Offered in 2024)

Facility Development Module

Unlock the secrets of community planning and facility development, and delve deep into strategic thinking, risk management, and the art of crafting vibrant public spaces that resonate with everyone.  Our expertly curated curriculum is your roadmap to turning visionary ideas into tangible realities.  Join us as we redefine the landscape of recreation facilities, harness the potential of natural resources, and shape a brighter future for our communities, together.



Park, recreation, culture, and community development personnel.


Course Goals:

To receive timely information and modern tools to enhance personal and professional growth and, in turn, the respective community and/or agency. Part of a 3 year program to be a successful graduate of the Leisure Development Course.


Featured Sessions

Designing for Risk Management

As recreation departments provide programs and facilities for their clients, increase in facility use and sponsored activities can enhance the likelihood of accidents and claims. This session provides the student with an understanding of risk and hands-on information we should work to minimize risk within department operations.


Lance Kayfish | Director of Community Safety | City of Kelowna


Community Development & Recreation

Community development is part of a fresh role in the recreation profession. This session discusses the role the recreation professional can play in supporting the development of responsible citizens, personal well-being, community awareness and, in turn, a healthy living environment.

Chris Nelson | Principal | Recresynthesis Consulting Inc.


Creating Better Places – Open Space Planning

The planning of park spaces begins with strong creative vision, a balance of competing interests with knowledge, skills and experience to create projects that contribute to the community’s quality of life. This session involves park planning processes and their relationship to other areas of environmental design to create a positive experience for the user.

Fiona Barton, MBCSLA | Discipline Lead Landscape Architecture | Ecora Engineering


Facility Planning – From the Ground Up

Adequate planning has become the challenge of every community and is particularly urgent because of increased demand and costs of recreation facilities. This session provides practical terms and guidelines to assist with the task of setting standards and of planning for public recreation facilities.

Mark Hentze | Sport & Recreation Design Practice Leader | Dialog Design



Each session topic will consist of approximately six hours of interactive classroom instruction as well as correspondence assignments issued by each instructor at the completion. To be eligible for the Leisure Development Course Graduation Certificate it is expected that the student attends all instructional sessions, successfully completes each assignment, and participates in all program functions.

In 2024 Course pre-registration will begin June 5th at 2:15PM in the Chilcoot Conference Centre with first class scheduled to start at 3:00PM. The final session will end prior to noon on Sunday, June 9th.



Your $550.00 registration fee includes course registration and instructional materials paid directly to the Leisure Development Course by cheque, money order, purchase order or e-transfer (preferred).

Accommodation/meal information (±$1,000/person) will be forwarded directly to all registered students upon receipt of registration fee.

Course registration refunds will not be issued to successful applicants after the registration deadline of April 30th, 2024.


NOTE: You do NOT have to take the modules in any particular order. You can take this module in your first, second, or third year!