Ice Facility Operator – IFO

This 40-hour course prepares students to write the Technical Safety BC (TSBC) Provincial IFO Exam. Course content includes basic applied mathematics, safety, codes and regulations, basic refrigeration thermodynamics and system components, floor systems, coolants, electrical systems, heat reclaim and humidity control and general maintenance procedures.

This course and successful Exam are the ​pre-requisite ​for ​the ​TSBC Provincial ​IFO ​Exam along with ​30 ​days’ ​work ​experience ​including ​completion ​of ​the ​practicum ​Logbook. ​For ​more ​information ​on ​​writing ​the ​provincial ​IFO ​exam, ​visit ​the ​TSBC website or ​call ​toll ​free ​1-866-566-7233.

Course ​participants will receive a Course Manual, ​calculator, and the Academic Supplement ​for ​the ​course.​​ Students ​interested ​in ​​their ​TSBC ​Refrigeration ​Operator ​Provincial ​certification, ​may ​use ​this ​IFO ​classroom ​time ​as ​the ​first ​of ​three ​weeks ​classroom ​time ​required ​by ​the ​TSBC ​to ​qualify ​to ​write ​the ​Provincial ​RO ​exam.


  1. Should have completed grade 12 or acceptable equivalent education particularly math and English.
  2. Should be acceptably fluent in English in verbal, written and spoken.
  3. It is recommended that an applicant works or intends to work in the Ice Rink Industry as refrigeration work experience is required to obtain the final qualification.

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