Building Service Worker 2

Recreation and sport surfaces present a facility operator with an array of challenges. Floors can be highly technical or built to withstand heavy traffic.

The BSW 2 course focuses on hard floor care over the 2 days. The class will mop, scrub, and lay floor finish. Approximately 60% classroom instruction and 40% hands-on practice.

Students receive a manual for future reference.

BSW Level 2 –  Hard floor care covers:·

  • Floor Composition
  • Floor Care Products·
  • Floor Machines Use & Care
  • Pads and Brushes·
  • Maintenance Cycles·
  • Routine and Periodic Care·
  • Buffing and Burnishing·
  • Deep Scrub and Recoat Procedures·
  • Stripping and Recoating Procedures·
  • Floor Finish Application·
  • Hands-On Practical Training
  • BSW 1 is a prerequisite

It is highly recommended that students confirm with their current or potential employer that the qualifications gained from a course meet their hiring requirements.


Did you know that this RFABC Course is eligible for the B.C Employer Education Grant? You could receive up to 80% of the course cost. Click here to learn more.