RFABC isn’t just your average association—it’s been the heart of BC’s recreation scene for a whopping 75 years. Starting out as the British Columbia Arena, Auditorium, and Stadium Association back in 1948, it brought together folks passionate about making rec facilities better across the province.

Throughout its history, RFABC has been there for the recreation industry, providing a hub for facility operators to connect, share, and learn from each other’s wins. They’ve teamed up with other groups, too, all in the spirit of making BC’s recreation facilities scene the best it can be.

What’s really impressive? For most of its journey, RFABC was powered by volunteers. But as the years rolled on, they brought on part-timers and then full-timers to keep things running smoothly. Today, there’s a team of three, working hand in hand with the Executive Board to make sure members’ needs are met.

Curious about RFABC’s journey? Dive into the links below to explore its fascinating history.

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Life Members

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Member Spotlights:

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